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Sofia the First

Sofia is a little girl with a commoner's background until her mom marries the King and suddenly she is royalty. With the help of the three fairies in charge of The Royal Prep Academy, Sofia learns that looking like a princess isn't all that hard...

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Season 1 - Sofia the First
"Sofia strives to become the first princess to earn a spot on her school's flying derby team. Although paired with the overly-anxious horse Minimus, Sofia learns to believe in herself and proves that a princess can do anything she sets her mind to."
"Sofia is put in a difficult position when she struggles to get her village friends Ruby and Jade and her new princess friends to get along and feel comfortable with each other during her first slumber party at the castle."
"Sofia befriends the trolls that live in the cave near her new home but trouble ensues when her father can't let go of his fear of their banging, even when she brings them to the castle."
"Cedric hires Sofia to be his apprentice in order to steal her amulet."
"The Golden Wing Circus is in town and the kids really want to go, but when James accidentally breaks a giant glass window his father was going to surprise his mother with as a result of breaking a castle rule, James and Sofia attempt to hide it while Amber distracts their parents."
"Sofia helps Vivian, a shy classmate overcome her fear of speaking in public; meanwhile, Clover makes friends with her dragon."
"Sofia decides to enter Clover the rabbit in the Village Faire pet contest, but after pushing a little too hard, Sofia discovers a few things about friendship when she ends up unintentionally hurting his feelings before the contest."
"When Flora, Fauna and Merryweather announce a big test, the princesses are put to the test but only one of them can win the trophy for showing the most important princess trait of all: kindness."
"Baileywick celebrates his birthday with his brother, Nigel, with help from Sofia."
"Sofia shows James how to be a good sport."
"A little witch's hexes causes big trouble for Sofia and her friends. When she asks the witch to stop she says it's going to be hard. Sofia helps her mend her evil ways but will Sofia stop the hexes or will chaos have it's way?"
"Sofia and Amber visit the kingdom of Tangu and meet Princess Jasmine."
"Clover is frustrated that Sofia is unable to spend time with him."
"Sofia's magical amulet goes missing."
"King Roland insists on sending Baileywick on a hike with Sofia."
"A new fairy teacher arrives at Royal Prep."
"Sofia is chosen to sing."
"Sofia hosts a Royal Prep tea party."
"The students at Royal Prep make their own costumes."
"Sofia reluctantly agrees to help Aunt Tilly bake a pie."
"One hectic morning, King Roland wishes he could have the simple life of a baker and gets his wish!"
"During family vacation on the King's floating palace, Sofia befriends a curious, young mermaid."
"When a storm keeps the King from going home for the holidays, Sofia leads her family to find him."
Season 2 - Sofia the First
"Amber seeks a magic spell so she won't have to share her birthday with James."
"Baileywick is cursed by a new castle steward, in an attempt to take over his job. Sofia decides to help him out by becoming his steward assistant."
"Princess Ivy has turned the whole kingdom of Enchancia black and white! It's up to Sofia and Amber to save the day."
"The animals are planning to put on a singing talent show. Crackle wants to sing in the show but her fire is getting in the way. Cedric jumps on the chance to take over the kingdom by using Crackle's flame that she wants to get rid of so she can sing in the show."
"Cedric steps in as substitute teacher for Sofia's sorcery class and helps the students of Royal Prep protect their school after a group of visiting pranksters arrive to wreak havoc."
"After teaming up with an over-eager fairy godmother, Sofia's friend Ruby learns that a little assistance is nice, but sometimes you have to do things on your own."
"When Sofia helps three wee sprites, her amulet grants her the power to become tiny. But when she disobeys her mother, the amulet curses her and prevents her from growing big."
Season 3 - Sofia the First
"Fluke, a mer-boy, tries to impress the mer-kids of Merroway Cove and winds up getting them and Sofia trapped in the undersea cave of a giant narwhal!"
"When all of the flying horses in the entire kingdom, including Minimus, have gone missing without any reason, Sofia and her siblings are setting out on a search and rescue mission to bring them all home."
"Cedric finally steals Sofia's amulet, but it only brings about curse after curse."
"When Princess Zooey starts a club and excludes Amber, Sofia tries to help her sister and new friend get along."
"When Sofia is left in charge of Aunt Tilly's house, she must protect it from a group of invading gargoyles."
"Princess Sofia discovers a secret library and goes on a mission to rescue Minimus' brother."
"While visiting the kingdom of Tangu, Sofia releases a young, unruly genie from a lamp and must team up with Sgt. Fizz of the Genie Patrol to apprehend the runaway genie."
"When an evil witch threatens Sofia's troll friends, she must show the trolls how to stand up for themselves."
"Sofia and Amber invite Princess Kari to perform ballet at Royal Prep's Open House. But Princess Kari, who is usually great at everything, struggles to learn the steps."
"Sofia and Clover fall through a portal at the bottom of a silver tree and enter the magical world of Elvenmoor."
"Sofia learns her friend, Princess Lani, has the power to alter the weather according to her moods, but this is a power Lani has trouble controlling."
"Prince Hugo would rather ice dance than play hockey, much to the chagrin of his father."
"During a trip to Merlin's castle, Cedric's trouble-making niece swipes the famous magician's wand, which summons his arch-enemy Morgana who wants to keep the wand for herself."
"After Sofia and Vivian find an adorable baby dragon in the woods, they soon discovers he's not as innocent as he first appears."
"When Clover and a wild bunny named Barley mistakenly switch places, Clover must rediscover his wild side so he can find his way home."
"Amber has been having strange feelings about Sofia and her amulet, so she keeps an eye on her."
"Grand Mum comes to visit Enchancia and Sofia helps Minimus muster the confidence to perform a bold stunt routine in his parents' flying horse show."
"It's Father's Day and Sofia and Amber are going on an adventure. Amber is trying to avoid Sofia and take dad for herself."
"When Sofia visits the Secret Library, she learns The Tale of a Noble Knight seeking the Ice Fire Shield."
"Sofia visits the kingdom of Wei Ling to attend the Festival of Kites, where Jun has the honor of launching the first kite this year."
"When Sofia's amulet summons her to help Princess Charlotte of Isleworth, she must break an enchantress' curse that turned Charlotte into a beast."
"Sofia needs to help her friend Lucinda and other witches to make a golden cauldron and send it to another witch who wants it and she will not disturb them."
"When James gets homesick at Camp Wilderwood, he and his friend Miles hatch a plan to escape."
"Miranda plans a family vacation in order to spend quality time together, but it turns out to be the worst vacation ever."
"When Princess Vivian is offered an apprenticeship under her idol, famed musician Baron Von Rocha, she starts neglecting her friends and responsibilities."
"When Sofia notices that her amulet is changing, she enlists Cedric's help to discover why."
"It's first day of a new school year for Sofia, James, Amber, Vivian and Desmond and they have a new teacher."
Season 4 - Sofia the First
"After a secret meeting of sorcerers, Cedric has to choose between taking over the kingdom and his friendship with Sofia."
"James stows away when he learns Sofia is on a mission to help the dragons of Blazing Palisades defend their home from invading sea serpents."
"After Kazeem the genie is accused of wreaking havoc in Tangu, Sofia sets out to prove his innocence."
"Sofia's first time to wear the crown of blossoms but the two gnomes need it because its theirs now Sofia and her friend Clover finds a way to save the day."
"When Amber discovers Sofia's role as storykeeper, she comes along on a mission to the Mystic Isles to help a former crystal being get her Terra Crystal back."
"Sofia meets her protector trainer, a feisty crystal fairy named Chrysta, and travels to the Isle of Forever Forest to begin her first assignment."
"When Crackle doesn't have a dragon friend to bring to the annual Dragon Roast n' Toast, Sofia disguises herself as a dragon and tags along."
"While traveling to the Mystic Isles on a quest, Minimus and Skye compete for Sofia's affection."
"After Cedric's sister Cordelia moves into the castle, the two siblings can't get along! Sofia tries to help by taking a peek into their past."
"On School Swap Day, Jade goes to Royal Prep while Amber takes her place in the village at Dunwiddie School."
"Sofia's amulet summons her to help a princess in need, but that princess turns out to be Sofia's foe, Princess Ivy."
"Sofia invites Calista trick or treating."
"While sailing to see a meteor shower, Sofia, Amber and Miranda are kidnapped by pirates!"
"Chrysta and Sofia go on a stakeout in Wei Ling to protect a Wicked 9 from Prisma."
"When Sofia needs an animal helper for an alchemy presentation, she holds an audition to find the perfect assistant."
"During the holiday time of Wassailia, Sofia helps Chrysta with last minute Protector missions in the Mystic Isles to help her get home in time to celebrate with her family."
"Tizzy's misfired spell causes Sofia to endlessly repeat a disastrous birthday."
"When Wormwood steals Grimhilde's Crown, one of the Wicked 9, Sofia helps Cedric retrieve it to gain back the King's trust."
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"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
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