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In the face of much criticism, an optimistic high school teacher challenges a group of outcasts to realize their potential in the school's glee club.

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Season 1 - Glee
"High school teacher Will Schuester tries to reinvent McKinley High School's Glee Club."
"Glee Club performs in front of the school for the first time and surprises everyone in the audience. Meanwhile, Rachel realizes her feelings for Finn."
"Will forms an all-male acapella vocal group, spending more time building his own confidence and more time away from the Glee Club."
"Kurt tries out for the football team in order to impress his dad. Sandy and Sue join forces to carry out their plans for destroying Glee Club."
"Will thinks the glee club desperately needs more of an edge, so he brings in his former classmate, April Rhodes, to spice things up. Will's plan seems to be going smoothly until he realizes he may be losing a key member of the club."
"Will challenges the kids to a healthy dose of competition with boys against girls in a mash-up showdown. Meanwhile, Terri takes a job as the school nurse, despite having no medical experience, to keep an eye on Will."
"Sue tries to cause dissension among the Glee Club members, but the real showdown begins when she and Will get called into the principal's office."
"Inspired the by the students, Will composes a mash-up for a very special occasion. Meanwhile, in a shocking reversal of roles, McKinley High's cool kids are dethroned in an \"icy\" fashion, and Sue shows off her softer side."
"When Artie may not be able to travel to Regionals with the group, Will challenges the kids to experience life from a different point of view."
"Will splits up the Glee Club into pairs to sing ballads, but when one kid gets sick, Will is forced to step in and winds up in a sticky situation."
"Concerned that Sue is up to no good, Will pays a visit to an instructor of a competing glee club to see what information she might be leaking."
"When Glee Club is left out of the yearbook due to budget cuts, everyone's relieved that they won't have to suffer the ridicule of years past."
"Sectionals is finally here for the Glee Club, but when Quinn's secret unravels, the club may not be able to recover in time to compete."
"With an extra spring in their step, Glee Club works on new numbers for Regionals, but their efforts are undermined by Rachel and Finn's romance."
"Concerned that the Glee Club girls are being bullied by the guys, Mr. Schuester challenges the kids to choose Madonna songs as their next assignment."
"When Kurt sets his dad, Burt, up with an unexpected partner, his plan for a nuclear family may backfire."
"Will starts an investigation when a salacious list about members of the Glee Club circulates the halls of McKinley High."
"When a sore throat affects Rachel's singing voice, she goes into panic mode. Meanwhile, Kurt tries to change his persona to impress his father."
"Will's former high school nemesis, Bryan Ryan, causes trouble for Glee Club. Rachel struggles with a life-long personal issue."
"Will encourages the Glee Club to express themselves using the music of Lady Gaga. Meanwhile, Tina embraces her inner Goth."
"Glee Club gets some bad news. Meanwhile, Mercedes helps Quinn connect with her funky side, and Will gets revenge on Sue."
"When Regionals finally arrive, Sue pulls a fast one on the Glee Club, and their chances at the title could be compromised."
Season 2 - Glee
"New faces challenge some Glee Club veterans during auditions, while new and old relationships leave some feeling happy, and others sad."
"Brittany has hallucinations while at the dentist and channels her inner Britney Spears. Rachel fears her relationship with Finn could be in peril."
"Finn believes he sees the face of Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich, and random events have the members of the Glee Club questioning religion and God."
"Will's duet challenge, with a free meal for the winners, causes some relationship issues between the members of the club."
"On a jealous impulse, Will decides to stage \"The Rocky Horror Picture Show\" as the school play, and Sue encourages him for devious reasons."
"Will hosts the second annual Boys vs. Girls competition, while Puck finally gets out of juvenile detention."
"A substitute teacher takes over for a sick Will and wows the group with her unconventional teaching methods."
"Sue plans a wedding where her mom wants to sing; Kurt plans the wedding of his dad and Finn's mom. Will Finn face down Kurt's tormentor?"
"New Directions face fierce competition against the Hipsters and Warblers. Finn and Rachel and Emma and Carl experience relationship trouble."
"Finn tries to get everyone at McKinley High into the holiday spirit. Sue paints herself up as the Grinch to steal back presents."
"A huge halftime performance is planned during the championship football game at McKinley High. Sue's Cheerios have trouble at the Regionals."
"As Valentine's Day approaches, it's all about romance, connections, hope, stolen kisses, heartbreak, and spite."
"Sue is depressed since her loss at Regionals. Brittany starts a new fashion trend at school to the dismay of Rachel who showed her what to wear."
"Will has the Glee Club perform a song about underage drinking, but the message might lose impact when they come to school with hangovers."
"Holly Holliday returns to McKinley High to teach sex education to the students. Puck and Lauren join the celibacy club."
"New Directions wants to get an edge at the Regionals and decides to use original songs. Blaine wants to try a new strategy during Regionals."
"Will tries to come up with ways to raise money to send the kids to the Nationals. Sandy forms \"the Heckling Club\" with eyes on the glee team."
"Finn accidentally breaks Rachel's nose during dance rehearsals. The campaign to become prom queen heats up between the girls."
"Brittany's new internet talk show spreads like wildfire around the school. April returns to McKinley High after an unsuccessful attempt on Broadway."
"The prom arrives. The glee club performs as a substitute band, Kurt wants to have a good time with Blaine, while Quinn and Santana vie for the crown."
"Coach Sylvester tries to sabatoge the New Directions' trip to New York. The Glee Club performs songs at a funeral. Finn has bad news for Quinn."
"The Glee Club gets ready to perform at the Nationals in New York. Finn and Rachel have an emotional moment on stage during the competition."
Season 3 - Glee
"After a devastating loss at Nationals, Will assigns the kids a new project to get them back on track."
"Shelby Corcoran returns to McKinley High. Meanwhile, Will initiates a boot camp for some of the members of Glee Club."
"Emma's parents come for a visit, and Mike struggles with his grades while his parents work to get him back on track."
"A new foreign exchange student enrolls at McKinley High and crashes with Brittany, who thinks he's a leprechaun."
"The kids prepare to perform the school musical \"West Side Story\", while Finn meets with a recruiter."
"Sue starts a smear campaign to take down her biggest competitor for the congressional seat."
"As the race for McKinley High president comes to an end, someone is caught trying to fix the results."
"In an attempt to recruit a few more members, Finn tracks down former teammate Sam Evans and convinces him to come back to the Glee Club."
"When the Glee Club is asked to perform at two different events, on the same day, at the same time, they have a difficult decision to make."
"When Will tries to plan a special suprise for Emma, he enlists the Glee Club to help him sweep her off her feet."
"The rivalry between New Directions and the Warblers intensifies en route to Regionals. Kurt and Rachel receive news about NYADA."
"Will assigns the Glee Club a Spanish singing assignment and enlists the help of his musically enclined night school teacher."
"In honor of Valentine's Day, Will challenges the Glee Club to find and perform the world's greatest love songs."
"Things heat up as New Directions goes head-to-head with the Dalton Academy Warblers at Regionals."
"Much to Blaine's chagrin, his big-shot Hollywood actor brother, Cooper, comes to visit."
"New Directions pays homage to the film \"Saturday Night Fever\" by grooving to the disco-infused dance numbers."
"The Glee Club covers Whitney Houston's greatest hits, while Will and Emma become one step closer to their dream wedding."
"Rachel and Kurt finally get their chance to audition for the NYADA."
"Brittany goes into high gear as class president to spearhead the prom. Then, after nominations are announced, the kids kick into campaign mode."
"When Tina bumps her head, the world of New Directions is turned upside down in her eyes."
"When Mercedes comes down with a bad case of food poisoning, Will drafts Tina and Quinn to sub for her."
"Graduation is finally here, and McKinley High's class of 2012 looks to the past and present while contemplating the future."
Season 4 - Glee
"The members of New Directions compete to become the next star of the Glee Club, and a fresh crop of students is introduced."
"Brittany, in a funk, turns to the music of Britney Spears for inspiration. Rachel struggles to adjust to life in New York City."
"The campaign showdown begins when Brittany and Blaine go head-to-head for student council president. Meanwhile, Kurt lands his dream internship."
"In New York City, Rachel and Kurt are caught off guard by unexpected visitors. Meanwhile, Santana and Brittany adjust to their long-distance relationship."
"As auditions for the school production of \"Grease\" get under way, Marley, Jake, Kitty and Ryder compete for the lead roles."
"Rachel and Kurt pay a visit to Lima as the Glee Club launches its production of \"Grease.\" Meanwhile, Santana returns to lend a helping hand."
"Marley, Jake, and Ryder find themselves in the midst of a love triangle. Meanwhile, Blaine has a run-in with the Warblers."
"Some McKinley alumni give New Directions advice about Sectionals. Elsewhere, Rachel and Kurt have a nontraditional Thanksgiving dinner."
"As New Directions regroups after Sectionals, Finn ponders his future with the club. Meanwhile, Kurt gets a shot at redemption with a second audition."
"As 2012 draws to a close, Sam and Brittany live life to the fullest before the Mayan apocalypse. Meanwhile, Kurt has a Christmas he'll never forget."
"The Glee Club girls organize a Sadie Hawkins dance at McKinley High. Sam looks for evidence that the Warblers cheated at Sectionals."
"The Glee Club puts together a calendar photo shoot for a fundraiser. Meanwhile, a part in a student art film poses a moral dilemma for Rachel."
"Finn challenges the Glee Club members to find their inner powerhouses for \"Diva Week.\" Emma prepares for her upcoming wedding."
"Will and Emma tie the knot on Valentine's Day, with current and former members of New Directions reuniting in Lima to celebrate."
"As everyone recovers from Will and Emma's wedding, the Glee Club members are tasked with performing their favorite movie songs."
"The students give Will and Finn an assignment to work out the tension between them. Meanwhile, Santana is suspicious about Brody's side job."
"The members of New Directions perform songs that they're ordinarily too embarrassed to admit that they love."
"As the members of New Directions prepare for Regionals, an unthinkable event occurs and puts matters into perspective."
"New Directions gets ready for Regionals, where \"Dreams\" will be the theme. Rachel auditions for a Broadway revival of \"Funny Girl.\""
"When the power goes out at McKinley High, the Glee Club members go back to the basics and perform acoustic numbers."
"The Glee Club performs Stevie Wonder's greatest hits. Meanwhile, Artie receives news that could affect his future."
"It's time for Regionals, and the Glee Club is more determined than ever to advance to Nationals. Meanwhile, Brittany returns with a new attitude."
Season 5 - Glee
"Beatlemania hits Lima!"
"The Glee Club continues their celebration of the works of The Beatles. Also Tina's ego begins to become unmanageable with her nomination for prom queen. Meanwhile New love begins to blossom for Sam and Santana respectively."
"The New Directions remember Finn."
"The members of New Directions tackle their assignment of getting out of their comfort zones and determining whether they're more like \"Katy\" (Perry) or (Lady) \"Gaga.\" Kurt holds auditions for his new band and must decide if he'll let in the overly bold performer, Starchild. Meanwhile, Jake gets closer to Bree as he and Marley grow apart."
"The glee club learns the dance of the hour: twerking. Meanwhile, Marley discovers Jake's relationship with Bree, and Rachel tries to convince Kurt that they both should get tattoos."
"The New Directions pay homage to the Piano Man: Billy Joel. As graduation looms closer, the seniors make plans for their futures beyond the halls of McKinley."
"Blaine believes he has the best plan to win Nationals, but he doesn't take the glee club's criticism too well when the students accuse him of being too controlling. Over in New York, Kurt also runs into control issues when the band disagrees over the venue of their first official gig that Kurt booked. Meanwhile, Sue reveals the story behind her iconic tracksuit and gets in touch with her feminine side."
"Jane Lynch introduces the episode as a Christmas special that FOX did not allow to air from last year. The New Directions audition for roles in McKinley's living Nativity Scene. Meanwhile in New York, Rachel, Kurt and Santana work as Santa's elves at a mall."
"Keep your friends close and your frenemies closer."
"Sam, Blaine and Tina want to enjoy their last moments together in High School. Kurt has problems with the band because of Rachel and Santana's fight. Will and Emma try to get pregnant."
"The new direction are headed to Nationals, but not quite as they plan."
"The glee club members are saying goodbye to each other when two old guests come and attempt to the save club."
"The Glee club is finally coming to an end and the members of New Directions say their farewells to Mr. Schuster. Rachel and Santana get to the core of their quarrels and sing it out in traditional Glee style."
"Mercedes, Sam, Artie, and Blaine are in New York."
"Sam and Mercedes cross difficult hurdles in the road to love. Rachel's \"mid-winter critique\" performance leads her to a crossroads where she has to choose between NYADA and her role as Fanny. Kurt is attacked by a group of homophobes."
"Sam and Mercedes as well as Kurt and Blaine encounter trouble in their relationship; Artie regrets his decisions."
"Nervous for opening night, Rachel is willing to do anything to succeed. When she finds out that Jacob Ben Isreal is writing a review of the show for the New Yorker, her director pressures her to do whatever it takes for a good review."
"Reaching for the stars, when Rachel lands an audition to act in a TV show, Funny Girl takes a back seat, but it's not without some serious consequences; Meanwhile Kurt and Blaine perform for a celebrity with an eye for talent."
"As Rachel faces criticism for being a slacker, Santana makes sure her public image doesn't degrade. Kurt feels that his friends don't support him as much as he does them and Sam adopts a dog but has Mercedes to deal with."
"Rachel meets a famous television writer, whose eccentric personality catches Rachel off guard. Meanwhile, Sam and Mercedes deal with the pressure of commitment as their careers take off, and the time has finally come for Blaine's big showcase with June Dolloway at NYADA. Musical performances include \"Shakin' My Head\", \"All Of Me\", \"Girls On Film\", \"Glitter In The Air\", \"No Time At All \", \"American Boy\", and \"Pompeii'."
Season 6 - Glee
"After a failed attempt to make it as an actress, Rachel comes to Lima, only to find out that the arts are completely vanished from McKinley. Now she finds herself in the position of taking over the Glee club, because Mr. Schue is leading Vocal Adrenaline now and Blaine is leading The Warblers."
"Quinn, Puck, Brittany, Santana, Artie, Mercedes and Tina are back in Lima to help the Glee Club."
"Sue becomes concerned when Becky brings a surprise guest to town. Rebuilding the glee club proves difficult for Rachel and Kurt."
"Rachel proposes an idea to Mr. Shuester in order to improve the club's chance at the invitational. Meanwhile, Sue conjures up a plan (with the unintentional help of Sam) to destroy the Glee club once again."
"The final of the competition between Warblers, Vocal Adrenaline and New Directions is here. Meanwhile, Kurt and Blain are trapped in an elevator with a Sue-Saw-Marionette."
"Brittany and Santana have to do some convincing; Mercedes encourages Rachel to go for her Broadway dreams."
"Will takes desperate measures to teach the bullies of Vocal Adrenaline about tolerance. Meanwhile, New Directions rallies to help Rachel transition into her new life when she finds out her childhood home has been sold."
"The New Directions are busy working and planning, while, with a wedding upcoming, Sue has a change of heart and encourages everyone to follow their own."
"The members of New Directions must come together to prepare for their first public performance."
"When Dalton Academy burns to the ground, the Warblers must combine with New Directions."
"New Directions and the Warblers face off; Rachel must choose between NYADA and Broadway."
"Flashbacks to the original New Directions members joining the club."
"The glee club members realize their dreams."
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