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A Haunting

Between the world we see and the things we fear...there are doors. When they are opened....Nightmares become reality. These are the true stories of the innocent and the unimaginable.Based on true events, A Haunting dramatises some of the scariest...

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Season 1 - A Haunting
"In 1974, a nightclub in Springfield, Illinois, is haunted by the ghost of a suicide victim."
"A young family moves into an old mansion in West Bay Lake, Wisconsin. The stepfather quickly goes mad as the family learns the house is haunted."
"Three ghosts and one demon harass the terrified Beckwith family when they move into a 19th century Connecticut house."
"In Tuscon, Arizona, a mother and wife buys and renovates an abandoned house. Later, as a grandmother, she finds that an entity in the house poses a terrible threat to her young grandson."
"In the 1960s, a Brady Bunch-like family moves into a historic Baltimore house that proves haunted. The ghost expert Hans Holzer comes to the rescue."
"In Montreal, a couple's new home in an old townhouse proves to be haunted by the ghosts of a 15-year-old girl craving maternal love and an evil abortionist from the 1940s."
Season 2 - A Haunting
"The owner of a country music dance hall becomes worried when his pregnant wife blames a dangerous fall on a ghost and his handyman exhibits signs of demonic possession."
"A girl who is unable to walk or talk becomes a human portal for a demon."
"A courier in Kentucky feels helpless when her small boy's invisible playmate proves to be a demon. Her old friend, a shaman, is her only hope of saving her son."
"A young couple with a new baby learns that the ghost of a seven-year-old girl named Sallie lives in their home. The wife is fascinated, but the husband is terrified."
"An American family moves into a mansion in Taiwan and soon learns the ghost-infested house was built to terrorize its occupants."
"A young boy joins his sister and her boyfriend as they spend the day cleaning their new rental house. Immediately, a demon in the house torments the boy and takes possession of him."
"A single mother of two girls discovers a photograph of her ex-boyfriend's brother, who died in the Vietnam. Soon the dead soldier is haunting her house."
"A family in Maryland find their new home is menaced by a pair of ghosts who attack them in their beds and throw things about the house."
"A haunted crawlspace and a sinister forest are the source of trouble-making spirits in Hinsdale, New York."
"An ex-army ranger can do nothing when his pregnant wife and baby daughter are threatened by the ghosts of a cigar-smoking man and a glaring old woman."
Season 3 - A Haunting
"A single father and his three children move into an old house in Missouri and quickly move back out. Later, he warns the house's new occupants of the paranormal terror that awaits them."
"A single mother moves into a new house in Michigan with her three-year-old son and learns she has the ghost of a drug addict in the basement and a malevolent spirit in the attic."
"A haunted house sends a man's girlfriend into a deep depression and his female friend into a terrible sorrow before he finally calls in a team of paranormal investigators to find out what is going on."
"A mailman dabbles in the occult and unleashes demons that torment him and his family. A white witch attempting to help only makes things worse."
"An ordinary, working-class family in Ireland finds that the government-subsidized home in which they have spent many happy years is suddenly haunted."
"In Salt Lake City, Utah, a family moves into an old Victorian house with a mysteriously sealed-off room in the attic. When they expose it to the light, they unsettle an evil ghost."
"The employees of a pub in North East England battle a cruel spirit who once murdered a little girl and still has her ghost under his evil power."
"When innocent people are attacked by entities from the supernatural realm, they rely on paranormal investigators to protect them from the unknown. These investigators rely on their studies, their personal experiences and, in many cases, their piety, as they assume the risk of becoming haunted themselves. Mary Vogel has been a spiritual counselor for ten years, but a recent encounter with the demonic forces her to question everything she knows and trusts. Violent nightmares invade her mind by day and unseen entities attack her body by night. In the church, which was ..."
"The strength of the diabolical lies in the power of deception. In subtle ways, it destroys the bonds of friendship and family, distorts the beliefs of the faithful, and takes possession of the living. Sarah Miller perceives that something supernatural lurks inside her new home, terrorizing her children, and causing her to doubt her own senses. Her fianc\u00c3\u00a9's skeptical response provokes frustration, putting the entire house on-edge, as a sinister presence struggles to take control of the family. Sarah seeks help from a lay religious demonologist, who recognizes the ..."
"Bobby and Addie Wilcott have a strained marriage that they hope will improve when they buy an historic house in New England. Their marriage is further tested when doors refuse to stay closed and the piano repeatedly plays by itself. The couple tries their best to ignore the strange occurrences until their 5-year-old son is attacked by an unseen entity. Paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren, famous for their work on the real-life Amityville horror house, discover that the couple has a much bigger problem - a demonic presence that is feeding on the discord in Bobby ..."
Season 4 - A Haunting
"Cindy Sarro's boyfriend, Jake, surprises her and their two daughters with a new house. It seems perfect until she senses the presence of a demon that possesses Jake, who comes at her with an ax."
"A police dispatcher sees the spirits of a man and two women in her home and learns from a Bible-toting paranormal investigator that the male ghost is there to feed off her fear."
"A mother of two, happily married to her second husband, receives a bite mark from the ghost of a young boy, followed by frightening messages from the beyond."
"A young couple going to college in Seattle find their apartment is haunted by the ghosts of a frightened teenage boy and a cigarette-flicking gunman."
"The owner of a horse farm, with a business in training student boarders to compete horse-riding competitions, seeks the aid of a Shambhala practitioner to clear the property of trapped spirits."
"An 18th-century house in Arkansas comes complete with a portal from hell, which allows a demon to terrorize the young family that has just moved in."
"An aspiring writer develops an obsession with Wicca, which alienates her Christian son and unleashes powers that she can't control."
"A family of four makes a new home out of an old colonial house in Vermont, but their renovations unleash several restless spirits, including a pair of mischievous twin girls."
"A ghost hunter and ex-cop allows her son to join a nighttime investigation of a graveyard. The teenage boy's innocent use of a pair of divining rods allows a demon to attach itself to him."
"The ghost of a drug-related murder victim terrorizes a teenage girl in her bedroom."
"The ghost of a racist haunts the house of a jazz guitarist and takes possession of his son."
"A 20-year-old woman is terrified for, and of, her new roommate when his recent divorce and a diagnosis of blood cancer leave him vulnerable to a demon in their new apartment."
Season 5 - A Haunting
"The Johnson family has found what they consider their perfect home in Michigan. But it turns out to be haunted, and a demon targets their son for possession. Only the power of prayer can restore peace and sanity."
"Maryland single mom Kathie Sheats hopes life will change for the better when she marries her boyfriend Brian. But \"something\" inside her house has other ideas. Spiritual warfare breaks out, taking over Kathie's mind, body, and soul. After a priest, a psychic, and a paranormal investigator fail to rid her and her home of the evil presence, it's up to Kathie alone to exorcise the demon. In a classic battle between good and evil, Kathie desperately calls on an angel for help, and her message is heard."
"Connecticut child safety specialist Bob Baker has devoted his life to protecting children from natural and supernatural harm. He thinks he's seen it all after years of battling supernatural forces, but when his mother starts hearing voices in his childhood home, Bob is faced with a demon that evolves from his own nightmares. After colleagues, priests, and a world-renowned exorcist fail to cleanse the property, Bob resorts to literally \"smoking out\" the demon to reclaim his mother's home and his own life."
"With great pride and excitement, Professor Mark Spencer and his wife Rebecca have just purchased the historic Allen House in Arkansas. The house has a unique character, but they begin to experience unexplained events shortly after moving in. After exhaustive research, Mark learns that the house may be haunted by the spirit of a woman named LaDell, who mysteriously died in the master bedroom. But Mark and Rebecca do not believe in ghosts. They remain skeptical until Rebecca comes face to face with a faceless spirit. Determined to get answers, Mark calls investigators ..."
"Michigan attorney Chris Gibbons and his family think they've finally found their dream house. But when Chris starts renovating, he discovers it's the start of a nightmare. A ghost, visible to Chris's children, haunts the home and drives Chris to the point of insanity by also infiltrating his dreams. Only with the help of paranormal investigators, priests, psychics, and shamans does Chris figure out a way to protect his family and \"evict\" the evil spirit. At least for now..."
"The VanLandingham Family of six decides it's finally time to move to a larger house in the small town of Wynne, Arkansas. The home is beautiful, spacious, and even has a private floor above the garage for teenagers Brianna and Heather. What the family first considers \"house-settling\" noise and behavior quickly turns into a full-scale supernatural physical attack on both daughters. The family desperately reaches out to their pastor and a local paranormal investigator, but the entity is too strong. The family is forced to abandon their \"dream house\" forever."
"North Carolina natives Jamie and Aaron live the perfect small-town Southern lifestyle filled with the love of family and friends. Stay-at-home-mom Jamie enjoys taking walks with her children through her historic neighborhood, until \"something\" dark and sinister follows them home. Jamie soon finds her son directly communicating with an entity from \"beyond the grave\". In desperation, she reaches out to local paranormal experts and risks being ostracized by her conservative community to keep her family safe...and sane."
"Lynn and Jason Ryder purchase a historic Connecticut restaurant, only to be overwhelmed by forces of evil when employees and patrons are attacked."
"Georgia widow, Cindy Sauer, and her daughter Chastity are still coming to grips with the suicide death of Cindy's husband. Both experience sightings of dark shadows around the house and grounds; an evil which will soon possess Cindy."
"Victoria Dane never thought death would feel this falling through an endless black void...until BAM...she's shocked back to life. Victoria awakens to learn that she was accidentally overdosed before an emergency surgery and flat-lined for more than seven minutes. While recovering at home, she starts to notice unusual occurrences. She thinks it must be her medicine wearing off. But then, after moving to New Mexico to be with her family, those \"unusual occurrences\" evolve into full-bodied physical attacks. With the help of a local investigation company, ..."
Season 6 - A Haunting
"When Stephanie Winters rejects the advances of a friend, he steals a piece of her hair and threatens to put a spell on her. Soon after, a demonic spirit begins terrorizing the couple."
"Mark Corvo returns to his childhood home with the intention of renting its extra rooms. But soon, his tenants report unusual happenings like doors slamming and unexplained footsteps. Mark attributes the sounds to the house being a century old, but he has also noticed that one of his favorite tenants, Ashley, has been acting strange. Her behavior becomes increasingly troubling, and Mark finally realizes that she's been practicing the dark arts in the attic with a new group of mysterious friends. He reaches out to the Ghosts of New England Research Society, who captures..."
"In a small Pennsylvania town, Debbie Guy and her family move themselves into a very old home. Nick, is a close friend of the family's, who is living with them. The home's entities influence Nick into occult practices which only make the phenomenon worse. Eventually, Nick is sent for treatment, leaving Debbie and her family alone to deal with this evil entity."
"Edwin Gonzalez and Lillian Otero believe they've found their dream home - a beautiful Victorian mansion - but soon it becomes a nightmare. After moving in, the couple begins to experience strange occurrences like mysterious footsteps, doors slamming on their own, and unexplained noises. After Edwin witnesses a full-body apparition, he can no longer deny that their house is haunted. He reaches out to a series of paranormal investigators in the hopes that they can help. The situation becomes dire when Lillian's personality begins to shift and she becomes distant and ..."
Season 7 - A Haunting
"Two different entities roam the property of a 200-year-old farmhouse, terrorizing the family living there. But they are determined to stay in the home, escalating the paranormal activity to threatening heights."
"Two brothers encounter a demonic entity in the woods surrounding their Florida home and confront their tormentor decades later."
"After a dark entity is awakened beneath a 19th century mansion, the Rice family experiences a terrifying haunting that forces them to abandon their dream house."
"A family's dream home quickly turns to their nightmare when they become the focus of an abusive ghost. When the haunting turns violent, they seek out an empath and discover the dark history of the property."
"Fire reveals the dark and deadly past of a family's new home. They must find help before a demon claims their lives as well."
"John Drenner, Jr. finds a satanic bible and unwittingly unleashes a relentless demon that will stop at nothing to destroy him."
"A close-knit family claim their idyllic home life is under threat by what they believe is a supernatural force from hell, which they try to rid themselves of with help from a team of paranormal investigators and a demonologist."
"When the Cain family moves into an Ohio farmhouse, they soon find out their idyllic home and property are haunted by the ghosts of a brutal murder and a deadly blaze."
"When a family moves into a home with a dark, hidden history, they soon begin to realize they are not alone. Dark rituals and death have attracted evil to the home and it has the children in its sight."
"A series of unexplained events make a young family worry that they are living in a haunted house."
"When Taylor Jones' estranged mother comes to visit, she opens their home up to the world of the undead. Taylor turns to a team of paranormal investigators who uncover the brutal truth of what happened in her attic years ago."
"A mother and son match wits against a vicious demon who uses an ancient artifact to open portals in their home."
"The story of a young family who feel the presence of an intruder in their home, and come to suspect it's the ghost of a person who died tragically on the property."
"A young man is afraid that a vile creature is out to steal his soul after a so-called \"encounter\" with an Egyptian mummy."
"After a teenager experiments with the occult, darkness is attracted to her Alaskan home. It targets the family, driving them apart before attacking. As it grows stronger the family realizes their lives are at risk, and turn to experts for help."
"A family discovers a secret room in their new home, enraging a volatile ghost who will stop at nothing to drive them out."
Season 8 - A Haunting
"When a gifted teenager goes on a ghost tour in Missouri, an evil entity follows him home. And when it takes things to the next level, the realize they need to get help and fast!"
"a family cleared out the house of an old relative, but boxes weren't the only thing they brought home."
"When Jennifer Patterson finds her dream home in rural Indiana, she's beyond excited. Soon, unexplained voices and scents, lead her to believe the house is haunted by the ghost of the previous owner."
"After moving into a new home, the Barbours worry about the negative effect an imaginary friend is having on their daughter. Soon it becomes apparent that they are dealing with an angry ghost. Can paranormal investigators help them before it's too late?"
"When Jacinda Rearick finds orbs in her photos, she thinks they are friendly spirits. But when a dark entity begins tormenting her family she realizes they are dealing with evil. Unable to escape its clutches, Jacinda fears for her family's safety."
"A home is invaded by a demon hell-bent on hurting the family members one by one."
"After Candace and John St. Clair explore a haunted tunnel with a gruesome history, an uninvited guest follows them home."
"A couple moves into a home with a tragic history and soon believes their house is haunted. After several attacks, they call paranormal investigators for help. Experts rid the house of a demon, but a careless mistake invites evil back into the home."
"After a menacing Nazi soldier seeks vengeance for his death and threatens an innocent couple, they seek help to make peace with his ghost"
"A woman believes her late husband is haunting her home until her daughter is targeted by an evil entity."
Season 9 - A Haunting
"Updated with bone-chilling bonus scenes and paranormal facts: An old hag spirit that tormented a woman in childhood resurfaces after many years and encroaches on her waking hours to torment her entire family."
"A family's lives are at risk while they try to battle an evil entity set out to rip a young couple apart."
"Three siblings use a spirit board and unleash entities they had not planned on."
"Updated with bone-chilling bonus scenes and paranormal facts: Shortly after losing her firefighter husband in the line of duty, Jeanette buys a fixer-upper home. But renovations reveal evidence of evil doings on the property and a restless evil."
"After a trip to a haunted plantation, Joy and her young daughters fall prey to a relentless phantom that is tied to a harrowing experience from Joy's distant past."
"When their daughter hears a voice in her head and begins acting strangely, the Balistreri's search for the cause. Could her behavior be related to paranormal activity in the house or is it all in her head?"
"After Linda returns from an overseas trip, paranormal events begin happening in the Dravis home. Ready to flee the home, Linda calls in the help of a clairvoyant as a last attempt to find answers to whom or what is haunting their home."
"When a teenager with the \"gift\" finds herself the attention of restless spirits, she has to convince her family the ghosts are real before enlisting experts who can reveal who these spirits are and what they want with her."
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